Social Activity

“Even when you enter a minefield you can come out with positive insights.
but you do not have to enter a minefield to reach them.
I am here to share the same insights I have reached the hard way”

* Rami Beracha is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Friends of IDF Casualties Association.

* Member of the Board of Directors of Mahalakh Fund – a philanthropic foundation established in 2015 by Iris and Gal Shalgi, with the goal of leading social organizations to develop their own income.

* Active on the board of the “Combat Initiatives” organization, which works to involve graduates of combat units in the world of entrepreneurship and high-tech.

* Member of “Aharei!” – established in 1997 and aims to foster young leadership and social involvement among youth and promote equal opportunities for youth.

* Mentor in the Hatalef Association – the Shayetet 13 alumni association that works for bereaved families and unit members.

Rami Beracha at the Gala Evening of the "Friends of IDF Casualties"

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