The biography of Rami Bracha

“one of my insights is that everything starts and ends in the head, that life is what you make of them”


Rami Beracha was born

Rami Beracha was born on December 3, 1961 in Tel Aviv, where he grew up. Rami was an outstanding athlete and tennis player in his youth, and even played in the national league in the Maccabi Tel Aviv tennis club.


Recruitment to the IDF

Beracha joined the IDF in 1980 and served in the Paratroopers Brigade in Battalion 890. When the firAst Lebanon War broke out, Beracha fought in the eastern sector as part of a battalion of IDF pilots under the command of Effi Fine.

At the end of the war he completed an officer’s course with honors and returned to the unit as a platoon commander in the August 1982 company.


The injury

In 1983, when his unit was stationed in the Ein Zahla area in the Shuf Mountains in Lebanon, he was involved in operational activity under the command of Brigadier General 890, Bogi Yaalon.

During the operation, a force under the command of Second Lieutenant Kobi Goldenberg was caught in a wild minefield and Kobi and two other fighters boarded mines and were wounded. Captain Sharon Dovidovich and Beracha were sent as a rescue force and during the operation Beracha boarded a mine planted inside a terrace.

Beracha lost his right hand and left foot and was badly wounded in his left hand. After a long rehabilitation, Beracha returned to reserve military service in an elite unit, and he is still active in reserve duty.

Despite his injury, he continued to play tennis, to take part in extreme sports, including cycling, snowboarding and especially kite-surfing. Beracha even conquered the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

At first I said, 'I'll get used to it but I will not adjust,' because adapting is to give up my whole identity. I fought it.

At a certain stage I realized that I had not only adapted, but also began to enjoy the challenge that accompanied the injury I understood that Rami's main advantage for the healthy Rami is that the former is breathing hard on the back of his neck in the race of life"


Completion of undergraduate studies

He completed his academic studies at Tel Aviv University in Law Studies and received his LLB degree.


The wedding, the completion of the continuing studies and the first job

Beracha married Tami Melchin. Together they have four children: Nadav, now a combat soldier in the Paratroopers’ Brigade , Eli and Michaela who are twins, and Roy. Today they reside in Moshav Bnei Tzion.

Tami Melchin is the daughter of Mossad agent Zvika Malkin, who participated in many operations during his 27 years in the Mossad; One of the operations, was the capture of Adolf Eichmann. In 2018, a Hollywood film called “Operation Finale” was released portraying this event.

In his last position he served as a composer as head of the Mossad’s operations department.

That same year, Rami completed his continuing studies at Fordham University in New York and received his LLM degree.
He then began working as a lawyer at Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson on Wall Street in New York.


Graduation of the Master’s degree program

He completed his MBA at INSEAD University in France. In the same year he began working as an employee at Pitango Venture Capital.

"I love people who know what they want and know how to build their company and its value,Anyone who knows what he's going to do belongs to the group of people I want to be their partner "

Rami Beracha at Pitango
Rami Beracha at Pitango


Managing partner of Pitango Venture Capital

Beracha became a managing partner of Pitango Venture Capital. Most of the investments he has invested in over the years have been in the core areas of high-tech, focusing on investments in the early stages of companies whose vision is to produce significant changes in future fields.



Winning the “esteemed partner”


In 2011, Bracha was awarded the “Esteemed Partner” award in the annual survey of “Globes” among entrepreneurs and managers of start-ups in Israel, after he was in the first five of the partners evaluated in 2009 and 2010.



Establishing Sosa

Together with Goni Sacks and Barak Pridor,Beracha founded Sosa, a hi-tech facility whose goal is to enable accurate business connections between international companies seeking Israeli innovation and thousands of Israeli start-ups seeking international cooperation. Sosa has a Center in Tel Aviv and New York. Beracha also serves as chairman of the board of directors of Sosa.


Major in reserved duty

On September 13, 2018, he received the rank of Major in the rank and file honors ceremony for Rosh Hashana, of the Division of the Fire Brigade and the Paratroopers Brigade.

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