Extreme Sports

“This rise taught me that I can rise up from everything”

A month after I was released from the hospital, my parents sent me to Europe for a ski resort to change the atmosphere. My father told me, “Rami, sit in a cafe in the sun, look at the surfers and relax… My mother told me, ‘If you do not ski, do not come back!’

So I tried to ski…

In the first lesson of beginners I did not move, I was afraid that if I fell I would not be able to get up because of my condition.

On the second day I tried to ski, I fell, and immediately managed to get up. The fact that I was able to get up so quickly taught me that I could get up from everything, and at that moment I opened burners and invested myself in skiing and any other sport, because I understood that there was nothing I could resist.

Rami Beracha is doing kitesurfing in Panama

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