Rami Beracha

Venture capital investor, entrepreneur, fighter

Rami Beracha (born December 3, 1961) is an Israeli venture capitalist. Served as managing partner in Pitango Venture Capital, a venture capital fund, which was named the largest in Israel in 2009. He is one of the founders and serves as chairman of Sosa, based in Israel and New York, which creates business links between cities and global players and Israeli start-ups.

Rami, who was seriously injured in Lebanon during his service in the IDF, is socially active  and focuses on helping non-profit organizations supporting IDF casualties and veterans of combat units.

In this site you can read the biography of Rami Beracha, you can learn about his business and social activities.


“The investor must have two basic and opposing instincts: the first is the ‘persecuted animal instinct’ whose aim is to escape the wrong investments The second is the ‘predatory beast instinct’, which aims to identify, while constantly escaping, a rare investment opportunity and devour it “-

Rami Beracha

Rami Beracha
Rami Beracha

From 2000 to 2018 Rami served as managing partner in Pitango Venture Capital. Most of the investments he has invested over the years are in the core areas of high-tech, focusing on investments in the early stages of companies whose vision is to produce significant change in future fields. As part of his activity at the Pitango Fund Beracha led investments and served as a member of the board of directors of a large number of companies.

קרן פיטנגו

Rami is one of the founders and chairman of the board of directors of Sosa, which was established in 2014. Sosa is a high-tech complex whose goal is to enable business links between international companies looking for Israeli innovation and thousands of Israeli start-ups looking for international cooperation

Sosa has a center in Tel-Aviv and New York, and was recently chosen by the New York City Municipality to build and manage the city’s global cyber center.

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